domingo, 5 de agosto de 2012

Fall of Saigon

In true minimal synth fashion Fall Of Saigon had only one release, a 12” EP in 1983. Fall Of Saigon sounded minimal even by minimal standards, combining softly spoken vocals, toy instruments, low key drum machines and loosely sprinkled bass and guitar to create a very close and private sound reminiscent of Young Marble Giants and their recent heirs The xx.
collaboration on a punky minimal pop project called Fall of Saigon. Pascal Comelade plays synths and toy instruments on six tracks with Terry Den (guitar, voice) and Florence Berthon (voice). The music mixes retro rock with toy instruments, drum machines, and synths, something like the Young Marble Giants. Florence Berthon’s cool vocals have an alluring but distant tone similar to KaS Product’s Mona Soyoc.


-Fall Of Saigon

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Visions del LP Untitled
She Leaves Me all Alone del LP Untitled
So Long del Lp Untitled
On the beach at fontana del LP Untitled

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