domingo, 23 de octubre de 2011

Gitta Schilling

Brigitta (Gitta) Schilling was born in Berlin in 1936. He lived as a child the drama of war and postwar poverty. Germany was to be rebuilt after the destruction of the last world war and Gitta tells how she and her family have faced many difficulties. Gitta's entry into the world of fashion is almost by chance, 16 years approximately, in a small local parade. She was noticed by a distinguished audience that will follow later in the early stages of his career. Between 1958 and 1963 Gitta mannequin is among the world's most famous and divides his time between Berlin, Florence, Paris, New - York. Her photos speak for themselves. It 's a woman who manages to combine beauty and startling to an uncommon talent for the high quality photographs. Gitta is required by the best magazines (Vogue, Madame, etc..), Including the cover shots. Photographers who need it are among the world's most famous (Gundlach, Newton) and the most famous designers of the time give their consent to advertise their products through Gitta. The life of Gitta - mannequin and Gitta - woman makes us understand how the canons of beauty of fashion today are different from those of fashion in the past: today's designers want to reach the leanness of exasperation, up to to extremes of anorexia, which can also lead to the death of some professionals. Gitta also shows us that in today's image of the mannequin is disfigured by a sort of confusion between the true professionalism, which covers the wearers to enter fully into the world of fashion, and other spectacular aspects related solutions less edifying, as the vanity of appearing in any way, drugs and prostitution. Gitta also shows us how today's woman is obsessed with beauty at all costs, also the result of the action, sometimes meaningless, cosmetic surgery, which can sometimes spoil faces that could have a pleasant natural course. Gitta lives in Italy, is a beautiful woman of 74 years, has never resorted to surgery and maintains its characteristic beauty of a woman of her age: it is a timeless beauty.

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